3 April 2014

Zaini Satay in Going Places February 2014 Edition


A Malaysian favourite, satay is skewered meat grilled over a charcoal fire and eaten with a spicy peaunt sauce. It is served with cucumber, onions and ketupat, a type of rice dumpling.


Back in the day, satay sellers would carry their wares in baskets balanced on a kandar (long pole). They would do their rounds, stopping at certain locations to cater regulars. One of them, Majid Satay, was the king of satay on Campbell Road (now Dang Wangi). Today his grandchildren are still in the satay business, Zaini Satay being one of them. They do brisk business upholding, and stamping their own mark on, Majid's Satay legacy. Their perfectly cooked meats and well-balanced sauce is matched with such cheery service that is it little wonder this neighbourhood joint gets such accolades from punters.

Another article from Going Places August 2012.


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