Legacy of legendary Majid Satay - Malaysia's King of Satay

Various types of satay ; chicken, beef, lamb, chicken liver, intestine, cow's tribe

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31 December 2013

Zaini Satay rated as KL's best late night eats @ FHM


Inspired by TLC’s newest programme, Last Call Food Brawl, we’ve come up with our very own late night food guide of the very best of Klang Valley.
Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings @ Jalan AlorNothing goes down as well after a night out than some sizzling hot, crispy, sticky wings from Wong Ah Wah. Marinated and grilled to perfection, the stall’s been a mainstay favourite for many KL-ites.
OM Burger @ Ampang Jaya
They’re greasy and messy but they’re arguably one of the tastiest burgers in the city. You can’t miss this mind-blowing burger stall – its right outside a 7-Eleven, the same spot it’s been for the last 25 years.

Valentine Roti @ Jalan Semarak
There’s always a debate going around where the best roti canai is, and Valentine Roti with its light and crispy flat breads just might be the best. The no-frills stall has been in operation for over 20 years at its location right opposite the Wisma Celcom on Jalan Semarak.

William Corner @ Taman Mayang
Famous for its fusion western dishes, the outlet in Taman Mayang Kelana Jaya (where the old Lim Kok Wing University used to be) is a fan-favourite for PJ residents. Their late night menu carries such items such as Nasi Goreng Soft Shell Crab, Seafood Marinara and Cheese Naan.

Zaini Satay @ Ampang Jaya
Satay is a mainstay favourite amongst Malaysians and this stall has been dishing out tasty morsels of marinated grilled meats on a stick for over three decades. Apart from the standard chicken and beef fare, the stall also offers ‘acquired-tasting’ satays such as chicken liver and perut babat (intestines). 
Source : FHM.COM.MY

25 November 2013

Zaini Satay @ Karnival Sate Kajang 2013

Hi Readers!!

We are glad to inform you that we will open a booth at Karnival Sate Kajang 2013. Date and Venue will be as per stated below.


-19-22 DECEMBER 2013 (4 DAYS)
- 10AM-10PM



5 June 2013

Zaini Satay @ Makan Sedap Place


Food court ni terletak on the way nak pi Taman TAR, selepas International School tu di  sebelah kiri. Banyak port makan sedap kat food court tu. Saya biasa pergi  time petang beli kuih mahal tapi sedap kat stall hujung sekali.

Memang terbaik la satay nih. Jom try makan kalau tak percaya. Makan saja tanpa kuah pun sedap. Satay daging dia lembut and juicy, ayam pulak rasa fresh jer.  Kena plak dgn juice mangga fresh from kedai sebelah memang karan beb.

Harga mahal skit la daripada kedai satay lain la.Daging 90 sen, ayamg 80 sen and perut RM1.50 beb. Tapi kalau dah pekena sure tolak tepi la satay-satay lain.

Sambil menikmati keenakan satay tu dok terfikir gak  Pak Zaini nih kalau buka branches pun boleh jadi jutawan  macam tokey satay kat Kajang tu senang2 aje. Tapi mungkin  takut kualiti terlepas pandang plak nanti kalau bisnes besar sangat kan ....Sure repeat punya wa cakap  lu.

Zaini Satay @ TV Al-Hijrah

18 March 2013

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Food review @ Mechapraline

Zaini Satay Ampang


1st aku nak minta Maaf dulu kepada peminat Satay Kajang, sebelum ni aku dah banyak kali makan satay kajang samada di food court kajang yang betul betul dari kedai Haji Wak Samuri, cawangannya di Damansara Utama mahupun di bangunan Mara bersebelahan Kompleks Pertama. tapi lidah aku tetap tak dapat kata yang satay kajang aka satay wak samuri ni terbaik.

ceritanya, aku nak bagi tahu ada Satay yang lebih sedap dari Satay Kajang. baru baru ni masa cuti cny, aku ke Ampang. ya, di Ampang. kat sinilah terletak kedai Satay yang sedap. namanya Zaini Satay. actually ia bukan terletak dalam sebuah bukan kedai, ianya cuma gerai penjaja di tepi jalan.   mungkin penduduk di sekitar Ampang dah kenal dengan satay Zaini. tapi aku baru jer tahu. 

owner atau pekerjanya sedang bakar satay. rasanya owner kot.

ok sedikit maklumat pasal Zaini Satay.

Nama Zaini Satay mungkin tak se-Gah Satay Wak Samuri aka Satay Kajang. Tapi Zaini Satay ni boleh tahan juga sejarahnya. Zaini Satay adalah perniagaan warisan dari arwah datuknya iaitu Majid Satay sejak dari 1960an lagi. Zaman 60an ke 70an adalah kegemilangan Majid Satay.  perkara ni ada di sebut dalam buku 'Tapai' oleh Hishamudin Rais.

disebabkan publisiti tak meluas dan tak ada branch macam satay satay lain, so makan kat sini sangatlah cool. hasilnya, daging kambing yang aku order memang rasa ala-ala steak kambing medium rare di chili's! bukan keras macam satay kajang.

cara nak ke sana?

tak kisahlah korang dari batu cave atau jalan ampang, pastikan korang sampai ke Kuala Lumpur International School, jalan ke depan sikit belok ke kiri. ada deretan gerai penjaja. gerai Zaini Satay betul betul depan 7Eevelen.

maklumat lanjut sila ke website dorang klik sini

ok, silalah pergi mencuba. kalau tak sedap jangan marah aku. rasa lidah manusia berbeza. hehe

Credit to Mechapraline.

18 January 2013


“Satay is not an everyday meal” told me once a very kind and talkative taxi driver. I asked him whether he found that Kajang Satays were really the best in Malaysia ” From Kajang satay went to all Malaysia” is his reply. In fact this very appetizing meat skewers served with peanut sauce ,Satay, comes from much further than Kajang. Word of wikipedia, it does. Like the muezzin singing that fills the air with a lost memory we long to find again, it comes all the way from Middle East . It could have come through land through India, through the steppe of barren and sand storm swept central Asia,  but it came from the sea, from Indonesia where Indian Muslim traders and Dutch East Company were encountering each other on grounds of commerce and religion. And satay came along with commerce and religion,  who knows whether it is the necessary bit of fun to bear commerce and religion I would add.
And like many things in Malaysia, it is never clear what it should be and how it should be. And like so many other things in Malaysia it is never exactly what you would expect it to be. Wrong? no,  local maybe …
The very word we see in most of the restaurants , “satay” , should be spelled “sate” here in Malaysia. “Satay” is the Indonesia version of the thing (this is Wikipedia again). Yet I have never seen sate written anywhere, neither in a restaurant , nor on a hawker stall.
So be it, Satay. The most typical dish of Malaysia?
Well, I told to myself let’s try to taste the real Satay here in Kuala Lumpur and I went to Kampung Baru.
From my memories Kampung Baru was this sleepy neighborhood in town just next to the Chowkit Market, that chinese market where the lonely planet of the town advised not to go with open shoes.
Today Kampung Baru has a LRT station nearby and lies cut by three colorful streets , full of hair dressers, hawker stalles and even a steakhouse stop. The houses are unmistakably Malay in style.
I arrive here just when night is about to fall, at the end of the prayer. The rain has just stopped and the children start to pour out in the streets. It is sunday night and it is just time to bite a last moment of fun before the next day comes.  This is supposed to be the Malay core of the city centre. I should find satay here.
So i start to walk : there is alovely bar on the corner of the street , very relaxed and easy going. There is no satay  but the place is named “pau”after the buns that are sold around this place of the world. A portuguese sounding name for a sort of chinese food. This must be another story.
I slowly keep walking and end up on the fringes of Chowkit Market. The durian smells fills everywhere. There are parties of people in small eateries and almost everywhere satay is announced written on the windows in that sort of nail varnish paint.
There is chicken satay and even offal satay (i suppose). However all the places come with a rumpled feeling, maybe the rain and the durian make the trick. It does not seem here the place for sate.
On my way back i stop with Nur for a burger. She offers me to try her  burgers, i wonder whether i am about to discover that the burger is in reality invented in Malaysia when i ask whether it is a local thing. Alas no, with that soft extending smile (smiling seem such an easy stretch here)  so common here, she replies that no , it is just a normal burger. Well I am hungry. So I have time to listen to how she knows very well Rome,and how much she enjoyed with her husband stopping in caf├ęs everytime they had the chance to go there. I look at her, she is very young and very pretty , she wears a veil and sport suite below. Her husband, who joins us after the Evening Prayer, is dressed in a traditional cap and sarong. So I cannot resist ask why they went so often to Rome. In fact they were flight attendants for Malaysia airlines, now they have stopped to open their burger place.
Every dream is still shining as dreams should be , i repeat to myself.
At this point i have to ask where i can find a good satay in Kampung Baru. Nur looks puzzled. There are a couple of “ok “places, but in fact when she and her family feel like satay they go to Zaini, he is in Ampang, in a small hawker stall, in front of the  the Seven-Eleven in Ampang Jaya. Do I know the place ? she asks me. Yes , of course i know, it is just down where I live….