7 August 2012

Food Review from The Yum List

Who knew that this humble satay stall in Naan Corner has a legendary history? Zaini happens to be the grandson of the famous "king of satay" who began Majid Satay way back when Dang Wangi was known as Campbell Road. As Zaini tells it, his grandfather started out carrying satay around on a kandar stick (pole slung over the shoulder to carry two loads on either side) and quickly grew a reputation so fine that he expanded internationally with Majid Satay branches even arriving to London. Today a few grandchildren remain who carry on the tradition and we are lucky enough to have one of them right here in Ampang. Zaini has been cooking up satay for loyal customers for the past 25 years, but, as the saying goes, there is always a great woman behind the scenes. Zaini's wife is the lady behind the marinating and sauce making which takes a whole day of preparation. This satay recipe has been passed down through the women in the family for more than 60 years! Zaini's wife says she uses no MSG or belachan and that the secret to the top-notch taste is talking to the satay as she prepares it. She whispers to the satay to be tasty and to sell well so that she can send her kids to school. These sweet susurrations seem to work as if you ask many a local where the BEST satay is in town, without hesitation you'll hear "Zaini at Naan Corner". I found the satay sauce creamy and sweet. There was no oil puddling on the top as I've seen with many and it wasn't too spicy either. The satay sticks - chicken, beef, lamb and intestine were all cooked perfectly with a nice crispness to the outside and juicy tenderness within. Most days they are open from 6pm until midnight, but this place is popular so if you want to be guaranteed a few sticks of goodness, don't arrive too late. 

Zaini Satay
Naan Corner
Jalan Kolam Ayer
68000 Ampang
             +6 03 4257 4520      

Credit to The Yum List.


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