7 August 2012

Food Review from Red Scoot

When it comes to satay, the first name that come rushing to our minds, mostly would be Satay Hj Samuri. Satay Hj Samuri was once the most popular satay in town. People would travel all the way to Kajang only for that delicious satay of his.

Sadly, things are not the same anymore. Most of us would be jerking out their lips upon hearing Satay Hj. Samuri. It has obviously lost its touch. It all started when they began franchising their business. The quality deteriorated tremendously thereafter. It has gone from bad to worse. It's a very sad & disappointing fact for such a good business. Hj Samuri needs to come up with a fast action plan in order to salvage that family business of his.

I'm not gonna talk about Hj Samuri in my entry today but it is somehow indirectly related to him. Satay seems to be one of Marsya's fave. I had this problem before where I just couldnt find any good satay around Ampang / Pandan area. Many thanks to my neighbour for introducing Satay Zaini to me.

Satay Zaini is located in Ampang Jaya foodcourt - a few blocks away from the International School Kuala Lumpur (ISKL). If you're coming from P.Indah taking the MRR2, turn to the Ampang exit & go straight till you see the Flamingo Hotel on the left. Right after the hotel, there's a traffic light ahead where you should take the right turn. At this point yoo'll find Petronas to your right & ISKL on the left. Proceed e few more meters ahead until you reached the foodcourt on your left. Zaini Satay is located right opposite the 7 Eleven.

Zaini's satay is absolutely marvelous. They have chicken, beef & mutton satay of which are so juicy & succulent. The rule of thumb for a satay is that the meat cant be too dry. You wont be able to taste the sweetness & juiciness of the meat when it's too dry. This is something you cant find in Zaini's satay that left you in total satisfaction. It's priced @ 70 cents per stick which is quite normal & reasonable in comparison with the size of each piece. As for the peanut sauce, I am not in the position to comment coz I'm the type who dont eat satay with the sauce. Why ? Becoz the sauce will kill the scrumptious taste of the satay.

Those who have been searching for a good satay like me, here's the place to go. One thing for sure is that you wont regret it !

Credit to Red Scoot


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